This past Sunday, Pastor Josh launched The Temple Prøject summer series illustrating how God has a plan for completion.

GOD'S GOING TO DO IT // Josh Neuroth

Every day, we're presented with a choice: to live by our own strength or to live by the Spirit. 

Living by our own strength means we're trying to defeat the enemy and work through the troubles of life by our strength alone. For me, that looks like scheming about how to make my dreams happen. I carefully calculate what I'm willing to risk, making long-term life to-do lists to position myself as successful. But ultimately, this creates anxiety and frustration when life doesn't happen as planned. This is my "Jericho"—a walled stronghold in my life that prevents me from living by the Spirit. 

Instead, the Spirit asks us to surrender to His plan. God has a plan for defeating and breaking down the high walls of “Jericho.” My responsibility is only to show up, have faith in the Spirit, and obey God. Everything else is God's responsibility. He's going to do it. I simply need to keep believing.