When we receive a word from God, we have a choice of whether or not to listen. We can keep living the way we have been, we can stay in our same routines and pretend we didn’t hear anything - or we can act.

On Sunday, Ps. Mark Kelsey spoke from Luke 5, where Jesus gets in Simon Peter’s boat and asks him to take the boat a little further from shore. At this point, Simon Peter had been fishing all night and hadn’t caught anything. It was probably tempting to look at Jesus and tell Him he didn’t know what Jesus was talking about, blow Him off and then continue to go about his night. But he let Jesus into his boat, and when Jesus told him what to do, he listened.

We can ask God to speak to us all we want—and He will—but there comes a time when we need to listen to what He’s really saying and act on it. Jesus won’t get in our boat just to hang out there; he's going to tell us to do stuff. He’s going to tell us to take our boats a little further out, because He lives on the edge of our comfort zone and is waiting for us to respond with faith. Acting when God speaks is what will grow our faith, so that when He calls us into deep water, we’ll be ready to row our boats out.