This Sunday, Pastor Robert Guerrero gave a compelling message about the Good News and how true joy, based not on the things of this world, but on God, attracts a lost and hurting world to the Light.


Because we have such an intimate acquaintance available with our Savior and Lord—and have witnessed firsthand His saving grace—the joy that pours from us can be authentic. Denying the work God has done for us would be as though a heavy-lifting champion just broke a world record for the deadlift, but no one cheered. The experience of salvation and its continual outworking in our lives propels us to live with praise on our lips.

Let us be bold in our joy today! Let the year of the Lord’s Favor, this jubilee, catch fire across NYC and beyond! This world, our city, is full of downcast faces, but we carry within us the Light of the world, an unquenchable and contagious joy.