When things don’t happen during my ideal timeframe, I often find myself stressing out. How many of us find ourselves overcome with the exhaustion and misplaced effort of trying to bring things to fruition ourselves? The resulting stress that burdens us is due to assuming God's responsibility and trying to make something grow on our own strength.

We shouldn't underestimate the seeds in our hand. A tiny redwood sapling, in time and with a great deal of water, can become a 300-foot tree with a root system spanning hundreds of feet. But we can’t make the seed sprout according to our own time – all we can do is tend the sapling and trust the massive potential of the tiny seed. This is a perfect analogy of how God works in our lives.

For me, the seed God placed in my hand was moving to New York. I knew only one person when I moved. By sowing into that seed – sowing into relationships and watering them over and over – God has grown my life here beyond what I could ever imagine.

My responsibility is only to water the seeds that God has given me; He is responsible for growing them.