GRACE AND TRUTH // David Cazso

I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate Jesus every weekend for the last two years at C3 Brooklyn, and it's been incredible every day since the beginning. God has been so faithful and gracious to us.

But this past Sunday, the moment I walked in I could feel an atmosphere of celebration and thankfulness like never before. It was so tangible: hearts pouring everything to Him in worship, from the volunteer to the first timer.

“Jesus is full of grace, full of truth.” Those words resonated in my spirit the whole day. Have your ever felt so free in your life that you just want to run, dance and laugh? That’s the way I would describe this Sunday. It was an electric night with people dancing, crying, receiving revelation and freedom.

That’s what happens when grace and truth comes. There's no room for lies because He fills the space with His Presence. When light comes, there's no darkness. 

Don't be afraid of light revealing what's in you. Believe me, there's more Beauty than anything else. You are a temple of love, grace, hope and truth. When light shines into the darkness, it reveals the beauty of His glory in us.