Most of us can probably remember our very first cell phone - the thrill of taking it out of the box, the anticipation as it powered up, and the exciting new chapter of freedom and connectivity that this little device signified in our lives. Back then, receiving a text message was met with an eagerness to respond instantly, and rarely did a text go unanswered. But as we became more familiar, this promptness dissipated, and many of us would admit that we’ve gone from being diligent and engaged to distracted and unresponsive.

This is why Pastor Josh’s illustration on Sunday was so powerful. God is seeking not just for us to listen, but to engage Him and respond. In Romans 12, we are called to “readily recognize what He wants, and quickly respond to it.” We are challenged to tune out the static, focus on what He’s telling us, and respond to the message we’ve received through our actions.

God is speaking all the time; He never stops. He wants to restore our ability to hear His voice clearly and to differentiate His voice from those of others. He wants us to re-engage, to become responsive again. Truly listening to the Lord and making ourselves available to Him brings positive change in our thoughts, attitudes, and actions, because His voice leads us on paths of righteousness and restores our soul.

As I reflect on Sunday, I know what God wants to me to carry in my heart this week: the truth that He is calling, and that just as Jesus’ love for the Father was displayed in His response, in His obedience, so too is mine. Speak Lord, I’m listening.