PRAYER & HEALING // Chris Schoonover

When I first arrived at C3 Brooklyn last year my heart was an absolute stone. I had gone through a divorce two years prior. I came with a lot of hurt. Well, it’s been an incredible year of healing and learning for me. I’ve found myself in so many unexpected moments of strangers and friends praying for me, hands out, seeing tears hit my boots.

In the second service, when Pastor Josh was talking about living in the prayers of our friends and family, I knew that was for me. It made me realize the importance of my prayers for others. My brothers and sisters are praying for me, and I need to be doing the same for them. “When you pray, stuff happens." 

Then there was evening service.

Some may have seen the look of surprise and alarm on my face when Pastor Josh asked me to come lead a chorus after the altar call. I saw the mic being pulled over and immediately knew it was coming at me. I said “Dude, no. I don’t know the words well enough.” Pastor Josh proceeded to turn the mic around so I could see the screen and said, "Go for it.” That was the first time I've led worship in over two years. I was turned around, so I couldn’t see anything that was happening behind me, but I’m not sure I was supposed to. That was a moment I needed to have with God—singing at the top of my lungs, out of brokenness, praising Him for all of the things He’s done in my life. 

Turns out I truly had no idea what was going on behind me. After the service, multiple people came up to me in tears saying that they had been praying for me. To hear that someone has been praying and interceding for me overwhelms my heart. My heart has so obviously been changed by the grace of God, through those prayers of my friends and family and the community I’ve found at C3.