MOTEL // Fear Runs, Faith Clings


MOTEL // Brian Brister

Sunday was incredible. 

My friends know that I overuse that word on the regular, but it's the most perfect word to describe all that happened this past Sunday in the life of our church—we launched our third location! C3 Downtown became a reality with standing room only at The Bowery Ballroom.

From the beginning of even just talking about it, it simply seemed like the next logical step for our church. However, I didn't give much thought about what it would actually feel like to be in a new location until the week before. All throughout the week, it would hit me that we were launching, and I would freak out with excitement all over again. Saturday evening, the team was talking about how it felt like Christmas Eve as we prepared to lean in to the vision of C3 by launching our new location. That feeling was so real. 

I could barely sleep Saturday night because I was so excited about all that God was going to do in the lives in this city. As we met for the morning huddle, it was amazing to see the excitement on everyone'a faces—and to realize that everyone was feeling the same way I was. I love that we have a great worship team that ushers us into the presence of God and that we have a wonderful creative team who creates next level content every week to enhance the experience, but more importantly, I love that every team grasps hold to the fact that our mission is people and that, above all, our goal is to create a welcoming environment for people to experience God's love for the first, second or one thousandth time. 

Pastor Josh kicked off our first message at Downtown by sharing a bit of the history of C3 Brooklyn, and it was so good to hear a bit of our past to align our hearts and propel us into the future. We can find the beauty and love of God in everything. His voice is in the sunrise and sunset, in the pages of our Bibles or in the whisper of the wind. God is there for us in every situation, and this is the eternal purpose of our lives: to love God and love people and to direct people to Christ by the lives we live.

I've teared up multiple times out of sheer joy of what was happening and all of the lives that are going to experience God through this new location. We truly are a church for the people of New York City. It's just the beginning.