CITIZENS OF HEAVEN // Janice Kertcher

Our culture depicts heaven as angels with harps, or lions and baby sheep hanging out together in a meadow.  The concept of heaven can often feel so abstract and yet God is calling us to switch our thinking from the temporal (earth) to the eternal (heaven). We don't often equate the words 'heaven' and 'citizenship', but that's precisely what Pastor Josh did this Sunday. 

To know we are citizens of heaven is a call to not identify with our earthly belongings, walk in the authority we have as ambassadors, live in unity with others and have peace knowing we have a Heavenly Father who has made heaven accessible to us by His grace. Our citizenship of heaven does not depend on whether or not we've got all of our spiritual and practical ducks in a row. Instead, God has chosen to make heaven available to us through grace, His unmerited favor. 

Knowing that I am a citizen of heaven pushes me to think beyond what I see in front of me — to accept that I will never fully be satisfied with this world because I was not meant for it. If I'm honest, keeping my thoughts on eternal things rather than temporary things can be a bit of a challenge for me when I'm focusing on what I see instead of the unseen. Accepting that I am a citizen of heaven means finding my identity not in what I do or what I have, but Who I belong to!