ETERNAL TALK // Jordan Labbe

The innermost parts of us — from our brains to our souls and spirits — are powerful tools God has given us to experience His glory. There is an internal dialogue that takes place in the mind, influencing our thoughts and the lives we lead. We also have a capacity for an eternal dialogue — a constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit where we are impassioned into expressions of praise. Through our worship we are equipped to fight against a mindset of slavery, which produces shame and condemnation, and step into the freedom of His love. Just as David exclaims in Psalm 103 and 123, we have this incredible ability to call upon our freedom, Jesus, at any moment!

I am a witness of the outcome that praise brings. Every time I choose to look towards heaven with eyes that are expectant and a heart that is eager to worship with all that is within me, I am overwhelmed by an outpouring of His steadfast love. It is through this surrender that I am able to see who God is, and see who I am through Him. 

I’ve found myself in the fray of wind and storms that try and pull me towards isolated ways of thinking and living. But God has given us this promise — that when we seek Him, we will find him. As Pastor Josh reminded us, seeking the heart of God is how we discover and let our soul know who we are — eternal beings destined for eternal love. And we can no longer live lives that are led by fear or consumed by our own insufficiencies. When we fix our eyes on Jesus and remember the redemptive work of the cross, we are found anew in identity and purpose. We are revived by the river of everlasting love. Our hearts are ravished into a transformed life, by mercy that stretches as far as the east is from the west. How blessed we are, that Jesus is our God, and we are His beloved! The Lord is compassionate, merciful — and deals with us not according to our iniquities but according to His abounding love.

Think of what would happen if the thoughts we entertained, the words we spoke and the relationships we cultivated were all done with a remembrance and reverence of God’s love towards us! This is why we lift our eyes time and time again and position our hearts to receive.

It was David’s greatest mistakes that revealed who God was in his life. I’m so encouraged by this truth — Christ’s strength is revealed in our weaknesses, His presence re-defines us. This bold decision to make our internal dialogue with an eternal God gives us the ability to live a life transformed, redeemed and with a perspective of heaven.