HEAVENLY RICHES // Shaumbé Wright

I never step on a stage without being aware of the journey that's brought me here. In the years that I've played church music, worship leading has been my greatest source of happiness and fulfillment but has also been an idol in and of itself. That was certainly unhealthy and left me in a place where I had lost my first love—Jesus, grace, and the brotherhood of believers—in favor of status, title, and working to carve out the place in the kingdom Jesus had already secured for me. Moving to New York, finding C3, and investing in individuals there, has been the most refreshing reconstructive journey that I never anticipated.

It's the greatest honor and blessing to serve with my friends here at C3. Being able to offer up my loaves and fishes—the message Pastor Josh preached last Sunday—alongside the family that has flocked around me so quickly has seriously affirmed the drive I have to invest in my city, do everything I can to partner with God in the renewal of all things, and edify others in speech, thought, and action.

The most exciting thing about it is: none of us are doing it alone. My loaves and fishes are few, and can't keep this machine rolling, but the beauty of all God has provided is this: for every shortcoming you or I bring to the canvas, the picture God is painting is completed by the complementary color offered by someone else.

And the cherry on top: the success of our endeavors isn't predicated on our work, skill, or execution. Everything that God is doing in our church, He is doing. We just get to show up and see Him move. How exciting is it to keep breaking the pieces of bread we bring only to see God multiply them over and over?


My heart is full in this family.