COUNT THE STARS // Katie Eberle

The ability to hope and the vision to dream are such beautiful gifts from God. That He designed us to be unique and ambitious in our talents, gifts, and the dreams we chase after shows how much our Father loves us.

Sunday's message was a fresh reminder of the beautiful plans that our Creator has for us. Ambition, when reframed and brought back to its truest and God-intended form, reveals that our lives are meant to seek Him, His purposes and His commands to love and serve others.

In Genesis 15, when God brings Abram out of his tent and shows him the heavens and the stars, God reveals that He has an intention that is far greater than what Abram could imagine. He pulls Abram out of the enclosure he’s created around himself through desire and wanting, and reminds him how much more He has in store.

At times, I find myself surrounded by the collection of ambitions, aspirations, and goals  I’ve stacked up for my life. No matter how hard I work or how fast I run, without Jesus breathing His direction and purpose into these desires, I bump into the ceiling of this tent I’ve built around myself. My path forward becomes blurry and my abilities watered down. Rather than staying confined, God gently beckons me to step outside. He calls me to lift my eyes, to live freely as a citizen of heaven, and to trust in His eternal faithfulness. He has designed me for Him, and I know that striving for anything without Him will not yield. 

While reflecting on this, I pictured a generation pulling down the walls and limitations of self-seeking ambition and instead standing united under the open sky and stars that represent His promises, in awe at the beautiful design our Creator intends for our lives. A generation believing with all our hearts that God's plans are infinitely better than if we stay inside the tents of our own striving. As Ps. Josh said, we can be a people that advances beyond worldly desires, that stands strong in the promises of our Heavenly Father and reclaims our desire to build and serve the kingdom of God.