It took me a long time to start writing this. I wanted to think of a way to sound good. To sound like I am really tuned in with exactly what God is whispering in my ear at all time, but it was in the middle of tossing back and forth about how to sound “good” that God hit me in the face with a giant fish. Well, that’s what it felt like in my mind—no sweet whisper, but a big old “Joy, look up already!” I laughed to myself for a bit thinking of how selfish I was (no fish pun intended). 

The sermon this Sunday was centered on praise, and in writing this, I completely missed it. I think that is really easy for us to do. We have a task and the first thing we do is look at how we can accomplish it to the best of our abilities. But, what are we without God? What power do I have without the Holy Spirit in me? We are called to praise God every time, everywhere. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep and even the middle parts when you’re sitting eating your 3pm bagel because it’s just been one of those days. Who am I to think that this writing has anything to do with me? Pastor Josh said, “Your eyes may have moved away if you are not abounding in thanks.” And he was right! My eyes were not set on those things that are above.

So what to do differently? Praise. Simply praise. What really stuck out to me was the phrase from this past Sunday: Praise is the overflow of faith. It is impossible not to be overtaken with praise when focused on the Creator of our very lives and everything good in this world. Your faith is not complete without praise. Ain’t that the truth?! What good were my words if they did not begin with praise to the One who allows me to write them? 

So today I praise God for hitting me in the face with that fish.