"Don't fear God any longer. He came as a baby, lived as a man and died the worst death to give you the best life." Pastor Josh Kelsey

THE END OF FEAR // Travis Shafer

This week Pastor Josh spoke about the birth of Jesus and the spiritual shift that accompanied His arrival. God could’ve easily brought Jesus down from Heaven with trumpets and chariots—but instead brought Jesus in the most helpless human form: a baby. In the same way, God could’ve fed the 5,000 by showering milk and honey from the sky in a dramatic display, but he chose a child’s lunch provisions. When Gideon had 22,000 members of his army in Judges 6 & 7, God could’ve delivered a victory with every soldier unscathed. Instead He chose to weaken the army, repeatedly, down to 300 men. Why?

The answer is simple: God doesn’t see weakness as failure, but as opportunity. People are quick to claim accomplishments, so God uses weakness to make His presence and providence undeniable. A humble, weak, and struggling human with even a little faith is a better leader than the self-sufficient guy who seems to have it all together. God highlights our weakness not to embarrass us, but to showcase His strength. He won’t force you to come to Him with blaring horns and clanging cymbals, but He’ll catch the eye of the faithful and the watchful by working directly through their weaknesses.

Jesus, the only person with the right to be prideful, humbled Himself—and in weakness was born as a man, in weakness died on the cross, and in resounding and timeless strength was resurrected. With such humble beginnings, God wasn’t reluctant for Jesus to be born in a manger, but in fact, had chosen that from the beginning.

Jesus will inhabit whatever space is made for Him—in a barn, in a church, in a heart, or in a conversation. Don’t be discouraged or fearful of your weakness, but have faith to see how God will step in with His strength.