VULNERABLE GOD // Jurien Huggins

This past Sunday, Filmore Bouldes preached on leadership and what that really looks like from God’s perspective. Jesus was the child of promise, someone of incredible importance. His life and His words showed that He lived within His Father’s will for Him to be a Son—that was where all His power lay, in His sonship. In all things, Jesus would refer to His Father’s word, His Father’s will and His Father’s purpose for His life. He never held tightly to His own strength but sought after that sustaining connection with His Father. At the end of His life, on the cross, in Jesus’ final moment of weakness and vulnerability, God’s fullness was truly revealed. God showed us through Jesus’ example as a leader that everything that we are, even our weaknesses, can show others who our Father is. 

This made me think about the people in this community who have cast off so much so that God’s glory, His compassion, His strength and love for us could shine through. I think that every child wants every other child to know how amazing their parents are—this wonder of the Father showed in Jesus, and it shows in us and everything that we do here.