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"And Jesus answered them, saying, 'The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.' ” // John 12:23


Here in New York, nothing stops—let alone slows down. It’s too easy to get swept up by the high tides and carried along for the ride. In a city that labels us every day by our jobs, finances or appearances, it's crucial that we, as followers of Christ, capture moments that constantly remind us of who we truly are: treasured Sons and Daughters of the Almighty.

Reminding ourselves of this truth shifts our perspective and enables us to properly utilize our time. Discipline in this area makes us more like Jesus and teaches us to maximize the time that God has blessed us with. It also prepares us for something even greater: chiros moments, the quality moments where we experience God and all the beauty He gives us. These moments, which seem to happen between time, can change the course of our lives, so it's crucial that we're aware of these God opportunities. A single focus on Christ will grant us access to the roadmap He so perfectly prepared for us. 

What would our community look like if we were believers who, instead of complaining about the mundane, praised God with all our hearts? How would our lives change if we took the time to allow divine connections to reveal themselves, if we spent more quality time with our children and families, or if we struck up conversations with strangers on the Gospel?

Only when we focus on chiros moments can we truly experience the beauty of all that God has for us. These moments help refine and sanctify us into the image of our savior Jesus Christ, who in one moment on the cross redeemed the entire world.