GRACE & HUMILITY // Kaleigh Steinorth

This past Sunday, Filmore spoke about the connection between God’s grace and our humility. His message centered on the idea that knowledge of God’s forgiveness of our sins, of His great grace heaped onto our lives, will prompt us to live with humility.

Like Lazarus, we were completely dead in our trespasses, but our Creator loved us so much that He gave us new life and saved us from living that way forever. His grace is a free gift over our lives. We did nothing to earn it, deserve it or achieve it. We were dead, and now we are alive, only because of grace. So how can we be prideful? What do we have to be proud of, really, besides our Savior? He is the reason we are free from our sins - not because of anything we have done ourselves. Like Filmore said, we get what we don’t deserve.

The amount that God has forgiven me is insane. As in, if He were a human, there is no way we would still be friends. I have ignored Him, laughed at Him, pushed Him away, run away from Him, rejected Him, stood by while others mocked Him...the list goes on. But what I do know is this: His love for me is unlike anything I’ve experienced on this earth. His pursuit of my heart is relentless, and the grace He shows me every time I make a mistake is what ultimately transforms my heart.

My favorite thing Filmore said on Sunday was, “Scandalous grace leads to scandalous humility.” I know, at least in part, what God has saved me from. I do not deserve a drop of His grace, and yet, I have an ocean. When we look at our lives like that, humility becomes less like deflecting compliments and more like serving others so that they can be met with that same grace. God saved me, and therefore, I want other people to experience that same freedom. But I can’t do that from a prideful heart. If the Creator of the universe can die for me, how low is too far to stoop?