Sunday’s sermon unpacked what it means to be called to God. Pastor Josh said that “the call to God is not a task, a burden or an inconvenience, but a relationship.” His message forced me to acknowledge the hard truth that I am often reluctant to fully follow the call of God.  

But why? Why would I be reluctant when I believe that God loves me and wants the best for me? I think that it comes from both fear of change and an addiction to brokenness. In my brokenness I center my thoughts and energy wholly on myself, and find excuses not to answer His call.  I often choose the comfort of selfish pursuits and the things I know over the discomfort and sacrifice that sometimes accompany the shedding of one’s earthly identity.

But as Pastor Josh asked during church, “When have we ever been called to comfort?” In thinking about this question, I realized I have been thinking of answering God’s call through the lens of what I would have to give up in order to do so. I wanted to follow God, but on my own terms. But answering His call means letting go of who I think I am and what I think I want—and fully embracing His will.

Seeing my own imperfections, I am so thankful that God meets us where we are and that His love is unconditional. Though we may struggle and doubt and fear and backslide, God accepts us and calls us to be in deeper relationship with Him, a relationship that exchanges our brokenness for identity and freedom in Christ.

God empowers us to be ambassadors of His love, and the journey begins with answering His call. When we prioritize dwelling daily with God and spend time in community with other believers, our hearts and minds will begin to mirror His. It is with the heart and mind of God that we may be a blessing to others.