FREEDOM IN TRUTH // Lauren Leakey

True freedom was the offer on the table at church this Sunday. “If Christ isn’t our source of freedom, everything will imprison us.” When Pastor Josh relayed this message I thought, "Could anything be more true than this?!" How many times have I waltzed around doing my own thing only to find the walls closing in further and faster around me?

I want true freedom. I want to wake up every morning and know that I’m not bound to anything that only serves to trap me. I want to be free to live inside out, having compassion and love toward others. I want to have true freedom!

Interestingly enough, it was news to me that I didn’t already have total freedom. I’ve always had a rebellious attitude and done things my own way. The rules were there to be broken. I did what I wanted when I wanted. I thought I was free, but really I was trapped in lies, deception and a hidden life. 

Somehow I got the idea that God would take all of this “freedom” away from me if I let Him in. But now more than ever I realize that if I boil down God’s instructions and principles, all He’s doing is telling me to be completely free! 

Isn’t it funny? God’s best for my life actually excites the rebel in me. I can walk around with a joy and a confidence grounded in something within. I can look at my past poisons and say, "Oh no, I’m fine without it." I don’t need anything or anyone in this world to show me who I am. All I need is Christ in me. All I need is His powerful word, His amazing love and grace. And with this, I can live selflessly because I am not searching for an identity. Because I am free, God can use me to bring the message of freedom to others. Thank you, Jesus!