FULLY ALIVE // Kelyn Mock

I have often longed for safety and control in my life, and I’ve realized that these longings all stem from a place of fear—fear of failure, heartbreak, disappointment, fear of what people will think, of walking through pains that I have already once experienced, and the list could go on. I realize that it is often this fear of what could happen that inhibits me from fully experiencing what God has in store.

On Sunday, Pastor Georgie gave a compelling message telling us how to move from being an observer in our relationship with Jesus to an active participant, in and out of season. I’m not always a fan of the term “seasons.” I often falsely believe that because I am a follower of Jesus that I am exempt from the “seasons” or “elements” of life. It is often in stormy “seasons” where I switch from participating by faith and replace it with observing in fear.

Let's look at Matthew 14. We all know the story: Jesus sends His disciples out to sea ahead of Him one evening. Lo and behold, a storm comes and tosses the boat, and the disciples panic. Jesus walks on the water toward them, and though they are afraid, He tells them, “Take courage, do not be afraid.” Peter then steps out into the water, but in fear of “elements” starts to drown.

Instead of calming the storm and removing the dangers from around him, Jesus pulls Peter out of the water and deals with his faith and doubt in the midst of it all. Once they’ve reached the boat, the wind ceases and the sea settles. It is within the storm, not in the safety from it, that Peter sees that Jesus is the true Messiah.

See, if we allow fear of the storm to keep us from participating in our relationships with Christ, we will never experience the “gold seasons," as Pastor Georgie calls them. When we stay rooted in scripture and connected in His house during the storm, we can see and experience Jesus unlike any other season.  I would rather be out of the proverbial boat, taking the risk, than staying dry in the boat, playing it safe.

I will fail, but God is there to pull me back up. I will get hurt, but God is there to piece me back together. I will trust in the One who walks on water in the storms.