WHERE ARE YOU // David Cazso

For some reason I ended up riding to church with one of the guys from set up team without planning it, and on our way, we were talking about what we do, sharing basic information, getting to know each other. What's so interesting to me is the moment in the conversation where we both shared how we found a church: a home, a place to grow and be part of a family. For me, that was three years ago walking into an apartment with people I never met who would invite me to C3 Brooklyn; for him, it was a year ago when he was accidentally dropped off by a cab in front of the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Little did we know that this Sunday was all about God finding, accepting , receiving and welcoming us into His family.

Pastor Josh shared about the three stories In the Bible about being lost: the lost sheep, lost coin and the lost son. Just thinking about Christ's desperation to find me and bring me back home blows my mind. He's so persistent in His finding, relentless: He goes after the one, He shines his light into our darkness, He welcomes us home with open arms.

After this Sunday, I realized the joy of both of us driving to church—amazed and so grateful to be part of a family—with a sense of expectation, ready to prepare the way and welcome with celebration someone who is lost, or perhaps someone who has now been found.