HEART'S SOIL // Michael Bruce

Preaching on the parable of the sower, Pastor Mark walked us through each area a seed might fall onto, and how important it is to transplant those seeds into the fresh, good soil when we see them, whether that be our friends, family, or work colleagues. He described how root systems grow in a pot, and eventually a plant becomes so large that the pot itself can no longer contain it. We have to break the pot—or better yet, let others break it for us—in order to enable more growth. The best person to break the pot is the person sitting next to you.

The thought of someone breaking the structure I’m currently growing in frightens me, but I realized that if that pot never breaks, no future growth can take place. And this scares me even more, the idea of never growing. If we don’t allow ourselves to grow, then we will remain constant, only producing the exact same fruit time after time. 

To be long-lasting fruit bearers, we must continually be breaking our spiritual clay pots, allowing for more revelation and wisdom to come in and take hold in our life. With the complete access of the Lord through the cross, we gain the ability to grow in Him eternally.

As I live out this message in my daily life this week, I’m challenged to evaluate the people I allow to come along and break my pot for additional growth. I never want to stop expanding my root system. I’m ready to go out and break some pots and see how impactful that type of growth will be on our city.