FORGIVENESS // Elizabeth Grzebielucha

This Sunday, Dr. Robi said, “We must reconcile our past to get on with our future.” How do we do this though? Sometimes the hurts that have happened to us are overwhelming and can derail us from the path we have ahead of us. There is something in the pain we hold on to or that we find identity in, so it’s hard to let go. As Dr. Robi put it, we “nurse, curse and rehearse” what has happened in out lives. Sometimes it is all that we have known, all that we have seen for so long that there is comfort in the dark place of holding on. But this is not the place we are made to live in. We are made to live in the light and without that weight on our shoulders. 

We cannot change the past but we can look forward to the future. God has given us forgiveness just for that—to heal our souls and bring us back to Him. As humans, we were extended grace when Jesus went to the cross and died for our sins. With forgiveness we can extend that same grace to other people, not for their benefit but for our own. As we hold on to the hurt in our hearts we are only holding ourselves back from living fully how we were intended to live, as a reflection of God our Father. 

Forgiveness is a choice to pick up our own hurt and immerse it in the love of Jesus, to choose to say, “This day, I will no longer dwell or meditate on the bad.” It is a sacrifice of our own right to take revenge and to let God take care of it. It is trusting that God will do as He has said that He will. Lastly, forgiveness is a gift that has been given with no strings attached, which speaks more about the kind of God that He is than who we are. 

We all have baggage that we have been holding on to, but this Sunday it struck me that it’s time to accept our own forgiveness and move forward to forgive others. Now we can let go of the hurt that has been put in our lives, and with the help of Jesus Christ, we can live in the freedom of God’s grace.