DON'T BURY YOUR GRACE // Jonathan David

This past Sunday, Pastor Josh preached a message from Matthew 25 about utilizing grace. I loved the idea of grace as a currency, something that's been so freely deposited into us. Even more amazing is the thought that we can invest and share it and have it work on our behalf. What an amazing God we serve! 

I also think about grace as an extension of God's character; it's His very nature that He's deposited into us in the form of His Holy Spirit. For me, this is such a reminder of how unconditional God’s love for us is - that He, so holy and pure, would choose to dwell deep in the hearts of sinners. 

It’s also important that we are not utilizing this grace that He’s given us as empowerment for only ourselves, but also as encouragement for others, reminding them of their deposit. I've learned that God can take even the smallest investment you've made in others and multiply it so that it has a profound effect on their lives. 

I can try and fix myself and do and say all the right things, or I can access a grace that was freely given to me. I can view God as far off and disconnected, or I can choose to view my Father as a loving, kind and humble King. Why not choose abundance?