FOUND IN CHRIST // Tyler Shick

Tears are incredible.

The human body produces, on the most basic level, three different types of tears—not surprisingly, for three distinct purposes.

They’re more commonly referred to as Basal, Reflex, and Psychic tears.

Psychic tears, otherwise known as ‘emotional’ tears (crying or weeping), have a completely unique chemical makeup than the others which includes, most notably, the hormone Leu-enkephalin, a natural painkiller.

I experienced Psychic tears this past Sunday morning as I sat and listened to two of the greats in our community, Nathalie David and Samuel Nicolosi, recount stories of tragedy and great suffering in their lives. I was overcome with emotion as Samuel, a dear friend of mine, exposed his deepest wounds to the congregation. Through his accounts of identity restoration, he took the Church on a journey into the heart of a loving Father and vividly affirmed in us that Jesus keeps absolutely no record of his (or our) wrongs.

Nathalie then re-lived for us, with such courage and grace, her darkest moment and how, just a few years prior, her first-born son had passed away in the hospital moments after birth.

Absolutely devastating circumstances.

With remarkable strength and confidence, she went on to say that she knew this story—this tragedy—was divinely meant for her to live out. That she was to “[use her] story to truly build the stepping stones for someone else to experience God.”

It’s wild to think that the tears that Samuel and Nathalie cried during those times of distress, heartbreak and pain have not gone to waste. Not a single tear was shed in vain or into the ground, never to be seen again.

Although Psychic tears scientifically serve a purpose (they literally makes us feel better), God, in true redemptive fashion, uses them for an even greater purpose—to heal others. He takes the ocean of our shed tears and distills them down into a potent healing agent for others to experience and share in. He turns our testimony into an antidote for someone else.

Another way to look at it is that our tears are like seeds, with the fruit that they eventually bear being hope, purpose, relief and perspective for others that are walking through the very moments that we have survived.

Wiping away Psychic tears upon hearing the stories of Samuel and Nathalie, I found myself flushed with comfort and peace. The burdens I carried into service now felt lighter and worry’s grip loosened. As I left Sunday my faith was strengthened, my hope in Jesus affirmed and my commitment to His Kingdom solidified. That's the power of testimony.

That's the power in our story.