He is my friend, He is my Father, He is good, and He is unlike anything that this world could offer me. I think because of how I learned to respond to my earthly father, I have always had a hard time talking to God about what I needed. I grew up learning that if I needed something, I had to work for it. Love came through my actions, and what I could do. So through that, I grew to always be silent in my needs, and I tended to work through it all on my own.  But while we might learn to be timid on earth, that is not what our heavenly Father wants for us. 

My heavenly Father flips what being a father looks like around. I can come to Him knowing full well that He will meet me, that He is waiting for me every morning, every second of my day, saying, “I love you Paula, you can talk to me about anything, ask for anything. Seek me, and you will find that I am good—and the plans and thoughts I have for you are good. I am your peace, and I am your rest. Everything you need is in me.” 

I thank God that He is transforming my prayer life from silence and anxiety to praise and thanksgiving. I now come to Him because I know that He is good and that all that I need is in Him. So when I speak with Him, I am drawn to first praise Him, to thank Him, to worship Him, and through that, I receive His peace and rest. I can ask Him for things not out of a place for worry or fear, but from a place of faith and belief that He wants to move in my life and in others even more than I do.