Whenever a new season approaches, I think it’s natural to sit down and reflect. We ask ourselves questions like, “What am I doing?” and “Where am I going in life?" We always want to know our purpose and make sure we’re on "the right track.” Lately, I’ve been asking myself, how do you stay on the right track once you’re on it?

Something that really woke me up this past Sunday was when Pastor Josh said that “Purpose is discovered in surrender.” I’m thinking, ok great, done—but what does that look like? He continued to say, “The way to be strong is to give up; give up on your own efforts and you will be strong in His purpose.” This was a huge perspective shift for me, because so often we think that “giving up” is a sign of weakness, when actually it’s what makes you stronger. When we choose to surrender to our God and His purpose for us—when we choose love, power and a sound mind and we don’t give into fear—all the crazy parts of our life seem to look smaller. We allow for our spiritual maturity to grow because we’re holding onto less and less each day. 

God is not leaning on us, and He’s not in a rush—therefore we don’t need to lean on others to fulfill our life nor be in a hurry in order for our life to be significant. It is significant because of Him. 

Sunday evening, I brought a friend with me to church and she gave her life to Christ that night. I remember thinking that if I had not chosen the spirit of love that day, or if I had allowed my current circumstances to be at the center of my life and rule over my emotions, I don’t think I would have invited her to come with me, and this revelation of her faith would never have happened.

How many other people in my life have I walked by and not seen what God was trying to show me because I was wrapped up in my own situation or because I was in a rush? It became clear to me that when we don’t surrender to God and His purpose, we will easily overlook what He has done in us and what He wants to do for others through us. I don’t want to keep walking through life blindly. I don’t want to keep allowing the enemy to confuse me with images that make it confusing and fill my spirit with fear. I want to see clearly. It’s that simple.