WHAT'S DRIVING YOU? // Courtney Maddox

This Sunday Pastor Josh spoke from John 11 when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. It was the first message kicking off our new Drive series—a life driven by purpose. In John 11, Jesus performed His last miracle before His final moment on the cross. What struck me most was the fact that Jesus had been performing miracles left and right for people He hardly knew at all up until this point. He healed the blind, lame, sick, proud—and did so continuously with love.

So when Martha and Mary, two of Jesus’ best friends, told Him their brother Lazarus, who Jesus loved so much, was sick, Jesus was expected to do what He always did—move immediately and rush to Lazarus’ side to heal him. Well, that didn’t happen. Jesus heard the news and stayed where He was. He waited. Two days before making the 2-day journey to see him. So at this point, Lazarus was really stinky dead. How often do I pray to God and ask Him earnestly to move because I know that's what He does? Isn’t His purpose to heal and love me? When I pray and ask Him for help because I'm struggling, I expect the miracle to happen quickly. I expect Him to answer.

But that’s not how God works. He is patient and loving and moves when the miracle gives Him (not me) the glory. Think about it: Jesus’ very best friends, His crew, His fam, they 100% knew that if Jesus healed all these random people, He would most certainly move even quicker for them. But He didn’t! Not because He wasn’t aware of the situation at hand, but because there was purpose in His timing. Sometimes I really do find myself in a “God is real only if He does this for me personally” mindset. It is hard waiting on God to act when I see Him making moves in other people’s lives. But when He does act in His timing, He receives all the glory! And teaches me that His purpose for my life is better than anything I can come up with on my own.