"Don't be foolish. A seed must die before it can sprout from the ground."

// 1 Corinthians 15:36

This week we are looking at worship in our bodies. What part do our bodies play in living a life of worship to Jesus? Your body is important to God, it is not something to be wasted but valued and used as an instrument of worship.

I was thinking about these words of Paul to the Corinthians and trying to understand them. He is talking about the death and resurrection, what Jesus has done for us by sacrificing His life for us. He becomes the first seed of many who will experience new life for eternity. Death no longer has sting because sin has been destroyed in the perfect, sinless life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

Ok, ok, ok, yep... 

But how does that affect our worship in our bodies?  How does that have consequence on our bodies here and now in our lives?  What changes in my life as a result of what He did?

Well hopefully a lot.  

Paul reveals a seed must die before it can sprout life.  As I began to think and pray about this, I realized this is true for us when we physically die: now, because our faith is in Christ, we will experience an eternity with Him rather than an eternal separation from Him.

But again how does that affect us today?  Well I believe our flesh—our bodies—our physical part, provide to us an opportunity to express the faith that is in our heart, right here and now.  Faith without works is dead.  

We must die to our self before we actually physically die in order to truly live today. 

Our bodies manifest the transforming power of the Gospel that is taking root in our hearts.  How we treat our bodies, how we treat others, the actions we take with our bodies—all these things show us the reality of a transformed life, from the inside out.  

If the opposite is true in our lives—in that our bodies and our outward actions might be revealing the need for inward transformation—then maybe this summer of worship is a great time to make some changes in our world?

Our flesh craves satisfaction but as we choose to place our faith in Christ, we can live according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh.  As we are satisfied in our souls with Christ alone, our flesh will respond differently by faith to the world around us. Where once our bodies ruled our lives, we are now Spirit-led because of the transforming power of the Gospel.  

 // Josh Kelsey