“For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

// 2 Corinthians 3:17 [NLT]

Freedom – such a powerful and liberating word to the mind and soul.

Growing up as an African-American in a family descended from France, Louisiana, and Mississippi, I come from an entire lineage of men and women who were once slaves. History is something that my dad and I both enjoy, and for as long as I can remember we have researched and read things about our family history.

Members of my family were considered to be some of the most educated slaves in the Mississippi and Louisiana region, having been able to read and write. They documented their daily work, the things they were learning, the good and the bad. One journal entry in particular that I can remember reading, while growing up, has had a huge impact on me:

“On this beautiful afternoon, I, Michael Leroy Slan, was granted my freedom. All I have ever known was to work diligently and keep tend to this land. I have prayed and dreamed for this day and praise be to God it is here. I am free. Many of my brothers and sisters are still in bondage to their masters. May I never forget where I once was, but remember where I stand now.”

This journal entry means more to me now than ever before, because I am also a freed man! Although Michael Slan was speaking of literal slavery I, like him, was once in slavery and bondage, but to sin.

When we are found in Christ there is no more bonageto the old, but there is freedom to experience newness of life. God sent His Son to break the bondage we were once in, and in Jesus’ name we can claim freedom from addiction, stress, anxiety, pride, guilt, and shame. What are we free to experience? We now have direct access to God, freedom to pray, freedom to see God as we see His glory, and to run in the path He has set for each of us!

If this is the freedom you’ve been looking for, place your faith in Jesus Christ! If you are in Christ, let’s heed the words of Michael Slan“May I never forget where I once was, but remember where I stand now.”We have the liberty to live as freed men and women, but often we listen to the lies of the enemy and live as though we are still in bondage. Let's remind our souls that we are free, and keep our souls set on the things above.

We are free! Remind your soul daily that you are free from the old and now live in the liberty of the new!

// LJ Slan