God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. 

// John 4:24 
Here in John 4, Jesus is speaking to an isolated, dissatisfied woman. This 
woman was similar to us, she just lived in a different time in history; she was 
struggling to find meaning, satisfaction, worth and value in her everyday life. 
Jesus asks her for a drink, thereby crossing cultural, relational, and gender 
barriers to reveal a great truth to this woman and to all of us: our spirit is in 
serious need of new life. 
Jesus uses this moment of her drawing water as a clear analogy for what we 
need in our lives. He show us that it doesn't matter how much water we drink 
physically, how many relationships we have, or how many people like us – those 
things will never satisfy the deeper issues occurring in our lives. 
He is the living water available to all who are thirsty. Drinking of His water will 
mean we are never thirsty again; in fact this water will bubble up into a spring of 
eternal life – and not just for us but also for others! Imagine how many people 
would come running to this water if it was something they could physically see. 
Jesus is showing us that our spirit is so very thirsty; in fact, our spirit is dead 
without His water. If we could see the state of our spirit man, we might realize 
how powerful and serious these words of Jesus are. So how do we drink of this 
Worship Him. 
Worship begins with receiving. Worship is like drinking water – for it’s saying, 
“This is my life source, this is what sustains me, this is what is truly important 
because it keeps me alive and satisfies my desires”. 
We don't have a giving problem but rather a receiving problem. For it is out of the 
overflow of what we receive that we live this life. True worship begins when we 
acknowledge that we need Jesus and that receiving His Spirit brings the life and 
satisfaction we’ve been longing for. 
How can we worship Jesus? Receive Him, accept the finished work He did for us 
on the Cross, wait on and drink of His Spirit. This is how we bring glory to God 
and worship Him – we receive Him. 
// Josh Kelsey