For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

// 2 Corinthians 3:17 [NLT]

We live in an instant gratification culture that is always striving for something; our innate desire is to constantly want more. That's the beautiful and scary thing about living in New York City – these passions are so present. But what if that desire, that drive, was turned towards seeking the Holy Spirit in our lives? What if, daily, we changed our mindset from searching for more worldly gratification to seeking the Spirit to be more present in our day?

The peace and clarity that comes from the Holy Spirit would ease our souls in the chaos of life – that chaos in which we can sometimes feel stuck. It would channel our thoughts, actions, and relationships to be filled with the Spirit rather than our own desires. We wouldn’t have to wrestle with needing to ‘have it all together’, wanting to know all the answers, or always trying to figure things out on our own. Rather, we would release those pressures that we put on ourselves, and instead be overflowing with the calming Spirit that the Lord has given us. This is the untapped area we sometimes don’t see or hear in our lives. We have to allow Him in, in order to experience true transformation.

There is freedom in the Spirit. We don’t have to work to grab control of our lives. His Spirit will guide us if we just open up, release control and let the Him start leading.

It's this whole untapped area of my relationship with God I am exploring. So dive in – it will transform you and truly bring freedom in your day-to-day walk!

// Grace Hazelgrove