“I will say to the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’”

// Psalm 91:2

What we think about the Lord, what we say about Him in our hearts, and who we expect Him to be — these are the most important things in our walk of faith. Who do we say that He is? What is our revelation of Him? Whom has He shown Himself to be? Moses, who wrote Psalm 91, had a specific revelation of the Lord: he knew Him as a refuge, a fortress, as trustworthy. For Moses, these were not just concepts or metaphors, but realities — the Lord had become as a fortress to Him.

Who is the Lord for you? What is to be your testimony, what will be your “I will say to the Lord” declaration? We each need a praise-filled proclamation of who God is for us, that we declare back to Him as heartfelt worship. Psalm 91 is a psalm of Moses’, not a sentiment or an idea, but a proclamation of praise and worship. Moses sang out: “God, this is who you are for me: a refuge and a fortress into which I can retreat and entrust myself, for safety and protection.”

The Spirit of God wants to make God’s nature true for you and for me. God’s nature cannot be a concept or an idea only; rather the Holy Spirit wants to show us the nature of the Lord. His character then will become our only truth, our only reality.

He must become the Truth to whom we entrust ourselves fully. Ask Him who He wants to be for you, so that you too can worshipfully tell Him, “God, this is who You are for me, and I am going to gladly proclaim back to You who You’ve told me You really are!”

// Samuel Nicolosi