We pray that you’ll live well for the Master, making him proud of you as you work hard in his orchard. As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work.

// Colossians 1:10

Most of us spend more time at work than we do anywhere else. It goes without saying, then, that it’s very important we think, pray and process God’s heart and wisdom for us in this area of our lives called ‘work’.  

The word ‘work’ brings up all sorts of thoughts and emotions for each of us, some of which quite possibly need redeeming in many of our lives. Even if we love what we do, often times we’re really just doing our work to set us up to do something else. I understand that thinking; I have that thought myself. It’s human nature. However God’s view of work is very different to ours. We were created to do work, but not just any work: a large part of our calling is to work for God and with God.

Notice in this passage in Colossians, Paul is encouraging the church to work hard. Why? Well, to reveal Who we work for, in order to tell others of who He is. Ultimately, we don’t work for this world or its systems; we work with our Heavenly Father in His orchard. The orchard isn’t mine or yours –it’s His. That point alone should challenge us to shift how we view our work.

Paul reveals that the key to our work is to learn how God works. There are many ways to work, with different attitudes, approaches, motivations and purposes. What is your attitude towards work? Why do you work? What’s your motivation?

What would God have you change in your approach to work, that would honor and worship Him in your life?

This is our heart: that as a community this week we would dive deeper into this hugely important area of our lives, so that God would be glorified. We pray that our lives would be set free from wrong mindsets and filled with freedom to work the way He wants us to.

// Josh Kelsey