Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.

// Psalm 145:4

How do we declare a never-changing gospel to an ever-changing world? I believe the answer is story. Not just any story but the story of your life. God chose, in His providence, for you to be born for such a time as this. You live in a truly unique time in history. If God wanted you to be alive during this time, there is a good reason for it.  

The need for grace, from generation to generation, has not changed. Every generation needs the same grace that the generation before them needed. The power of my story and your story is found in the work of God. You and I are the same, and while the details of our stories might be different, we each have fallen short of the glory of God – that is, we’ve fallen short of being perfect. This is where we all connect: worship. We stand in awe because His grace is sufficient for us. His mercies are new everyday. His love is perfect and never ending; it covers all of us.  

The Gospel is unchanging, and our need is unchanging, but the context is different. That’s where your story matters; where God’s grace collides with your story here and now – that’s where an ever-changing world is changed by an unchanging grace.

So don’t shy away from two things today:

1) Praising and worshiping God for His work of grace in your life,

2) Telling others the truth of what God has done by His grace, not your works.

Your story matters because His grace is perfect.

// Josh Kelsey