"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."

// Ephesians 2:10

Did you know God has been planning for your birth and life on earth since before He planned the world? He found us each in Christ before He made anything, so when He created time, when He sculpted the earth with His words, when He planted the Garden of Eden and with each creative work, He had us in mind. God's original design, when He made the first couple, was to put them in a garden that He'd already planted, so they could just work and tend it, extend it across the earth and walk about in it with Him, having great chats.

He handpicked the hour of your birth and your family. He set you into the environment most suited to cause your life to bloom and He deposited gifts and abilities in you that mirror His own. He designed your passions, guaranteed your innocence through the Cross and put His own Spirit into you, so that you'd live out the greatness of His dreams for you. Your vocation, along with the desire to pursue it, was His design. He prepared all your works (plural) so that your whole career, spirituality and relational life would be encompassed by His great plans for you.

And what's the best part? The word “workmanship” in this verse in Ephesians ispoiēma in Greek, which means poetry. In God's eyes, all you are and all you do are lines of poetry in His masterwork. It began with Christ and adds us in to that great poem of love. You're His poem, which He writes daily; you are His skillful artwork, in whom He greatly delights. The fact that you're His own unique, handwritten poem should grip you and cause you to celebrate His goodness in your life.

Let's plan today to yield to His craftsmanship in our lives, so that through our worship, we align our hearts to agree with the Great Poet and walk in the good works which He has prepared for us. Let's be poets revealing His love, no matter where we find ourselves.

// Samuel Nicolosi