The Lord Said “Go over to Straight Street to the house of Judas. When you get there ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul. He is praying to me right now.”

// Acts 9:11

Saul in the above passage is now blind and Jesus has told Ananais to go and pray for him so that his eyes may become open and renewed. Rightfully so, Ananais is scared to enter the house with someone of such a horrible past of killing Christians. However, Jesus uniquely comforts him – not by saying that this man is now a blameless man or that you no longer have to fear him, instead Jesus tells him to go, as this man is now a praying man.

How incredible is that – that Jesus describes a person by his response to a desperate time through prayer. He did not describe him as brave or faithful through the trail, but as a changed man who now calls out to Him.

I personally don't know what Saul was praying in those exact moments of desperation, but I am sure that the most important thing God wants us to take away is that he went straight to prayer. This gives us the freedom, no matter what the situation we are facing or are going to be challenged with, to step into His presence and know that all things are being worked out for our good.

Currently, I am preparing to have a third operation on my legs, and I find such comfort in the above passage knowing that, like Saul, I do not have to pray for every single detail of the surgery in relation to the actual day, the recovery time, the finances, etc. Instead, in loving Jesus and having a relationship with Him, I can just cry out and hand over the heaviness – and He makes my burden light.  

In time, Saul was given the new name of Paul – I challenge you to continue to go before God as a praying man or women, and see what new name God gives you.

// Cassy Flowers