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But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

// Matthew 4:4

The Word of God is powerful. It reveals our identity, gives us wisdom, shapes our character, feeds our souls, and teaches us about our God. Scripture has fallen to the wayside more and more as years have gone by. It is necessary as a believer to hold this as a priority in our faith journey.

The Word is called many things, but one that is overlooked and or forgotten, is found here in Matthew 4:4, reminding us that His word is to be our daily spiritual meal. The Bible is God-breathed and is there for us to feast on. Our souls are not much different than our actual human bodies. If you ate only once a week, you would starve yourself. Your body would become weak, you would be likely to get sick all the time. After awhile, your friends would, hopefully, do what they had to do: to draw your attention to the reality that you are wasting away!

This is no different for our spiritual lives. If we are just opening the Word of God once a week, for an hour in a service, guess what? Our souls will be weak, and in desperate need of spiritual food. The Word is there everyday for us to take hold of, to feed our souls to know who God is, to explain His glory, and to walk us through life.

Today, let's start by spending time reading in His Word, but also let the Scripture “read us,” so we look more like Christ.

// LJ Slan