“Don’t be fearful. It’s true that you have done something very wrong. All the same, don’t turn your back on God. Worship and serve him heart and soul!”

// 1 Samuel 12:20

God is very aware of our failings. He is not surprised with our mistakes – for He knows all things, past, present and future. Yet despite this knowledge of ourshortfallings, He never says to us: “Worship Me once you fix that area of your life!” or “Worship Me half-heartedly or with a only a little passion, because of your failings.”

How come He never says this to us? Because worship is the answer, and there is no such thing as ‘kind-of’ worshipping God. We either live for Him with everything or nothing, boiling hot or freezing cold. He does not want us to be lukewarm, ‘kind-of’ building His Kingdom, ‘kind-of’ serving at church, ‘kind-of’ committed. He desires that we serve Him heart and soul!

Maybe we don’t feel like worshiping, or we feel we can’t because of some mistake we made last week, or we can fill in the gap with any number of excuses: ______________.

But we are people of faith. Faith is always now, not tomorrow. Our worship is not based on our worthiness but on the worthiness of Jesus Christ. And guess what? He is worthy of worship every second of every day, every week of every year, for all of eternity!

So let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, not on our sin or half-heartedness; let’s not make the mistake of waiting for conditions to be perfect before we worship Him. Let’s worship Jesus with all of our hearts, all of our minds, all of our souls. Do not let condemnation, shame, guilt or any other weapon of the enemy hinder you from worshipping God. For in worship, we experience His perfect love and we know that His perfect love drives out all fear.

Yes, the tone of this devotional is preachy and passionate because we do not need to wait another moment to give God all the glory. Yes, it’s true that you have done things wrong, and yes it’s true that you have at times turned your back on God, but this is the perfect time to worship and turn back to Him!

Worship Him even right now, wherever you find yourself reading this devotional. Stop and begin to worship Jesus with all of your heart. Be it on the subway, at home or at work, on the street, in the barbershop; whether you’re Instagramming, cooking, cleaning, writing, creating, painting, dreaming, travelling – wherever you are and whatever you find yourself doing, worship Him with all of your heart. May our hearts be on fire for Him.

// Josh Kelsey