As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

// Proverbs 27:17

I’ve heard it said that your future is caught up in the people around you. Often we have such tunnel vision when it comes to our goals, future, vision and purpose. But I’ve learned that God is always about people – and as believers, the task is often not the point, what God is looking at is the ‘task’ within the ‘task’. He’s looking at how we interact with each other, how we love one another, how we serve one another; He is looking at the ‘how’ not the ‘what’.

People can go through their whole life without realizing this. The well-intentioned parent is so busy trying to provide material possessions for the child, that he/she neglects to provide what the child actually desires and needs – relationship and time spent together. People are the prize! The ‘visionary boss/leader’ can be so off with the fairies and so far ahead of the team in his/her head that he/she is never present in the moment to enjoy the fruit of all the hard work and enjoy the people God has placed in his/her world. It is about the journey not the result. People are the prize!

Relationships are a gift from heaven. We were created with a desire to connect, to be with other people, to live in community. Isolation is not healthy and it’s not a place we were created to live. Pride, fear, and judgment cause a person to be isolated, but openness to share our experiences, to share who we are, creates community.

Jesus lived in community. He chose to live in community; the Son of God knew the value of relationship, and He didn’t want to walk those streets alone! He searched for community and built community (Mark 1:16-20). Often we try to protect ourselves through isolation, to protect our hearts from being hurt or our lives from being challenged. Jesus was challenged and frustrated by His disciples (Luke 9:37-56), He was betrayed by His disciples (Matthew 26:24-25), and He was loved by His disciples (John 21:15), but through the curious dynamics of ‘relationship’ He showed us how to live, love, grow in faith, and leave a glorious legacy on earth through the people He places in our lives.


// Georgie Kelsey