Now you are Christ's body, and individually members of it.

// 1 Corinthians 12:27

My left leg is rarely or I should say never at war with my right leg. My left eye is never at war with my right eye, and similarly with the rest of my body parts. Our bodies function so well that even if one part of our body is hurting or diseased, the other parts of the body will compensate for that part.  

This is also meant to be the case with the Church, which is Christ’s body.

This applies both for each individual local church body, and also for the church across the globe.

This week in the Temple Prøject we are focusing on worship through the church. We’re focusing on the local church and specifically on C3 Brooklyn, but we pray that these devotionals can be applied across many churches in various cities.

Each individual member of a church is a part of the body. Each person brings different spiritual giftings, strengths and talents that have been given to them by God for the church, and in turn for the world around them. Just like our own bodies, we are not called to be at war with each other or even to be negative towards each other. God has designed the church to function like our bodies do, and our bodies function best when they are healthy, eating well, drinking well, emotionally stable, spiritually renewed and the list goes on.

This week our prayer is that we would each see the importance of the part God has called us to play in His church. Whether a role is more or less visible has nothing to do with its significance again, the analogy of the body helps us to understand this. The organs within a body are vital for the health of the whole body. In the same way, some people in the church might feel at times unnoticed, but their function is just as important as that of the visible arm.  

My point is that the amazing church God is building, whether it be C3 Brooklyn or another church you are part of, is made up of individuals that matter. But it’s only by submission and surrender to the head of the body which is Christ that each individual member becomes functional and beneficial.  

The opportunity for the church to continue to bless NYC is huge. Jesus, the head of the Church, loves this city more than we know, but I pray that His body doesn’t make it difficult for Him to reveal that love to NYC. Let’s be the kind of church that Jesus can rely on, that His body shows up when the body gathers, that the body has energy to do the Lord’s will, not just its own will.

You are Christ’s body and we are all members of it. Let’s live like it.

Praise God for His Church.

// Josh Kelsey