For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell,

// Colossians 1:19

Jesus...He is an incredible synthesis of strength and grace. He never backed down from a confrontation when it was needed. He could dress down the most discerningly critical Pharisee without flinching and then in the next moment pour out grace, mercy, and healing to anyone who asked for it!

He had the amazing ability to communicate huge pieces of truth and yet still be aware of the smallest detail. He delivered life-changing principles in the Sermon on the Mount, and yet He would notice when someone had touched Him or what a widow was giving sacrificially in an offering.

He spent three years pouring out His life to twelve men. There were moments where He “guided” them in their lives as He discipled them, sometimes with a direct and forthright manner. Yet they had no doubt of His love for them. Even after being crucified and then being raised from the dead, He didn’t leave them wondering, worried or stressed as to His purpose or their future. In fact, the risen Christ appeared to them on the beach and cooked them fish for breakfast!

The night before He died, he spent the evening eating with His disciples, who were now His friends. He knew what was about to happen and He would have been under immense pressure, yet He once again poured into them life, truth, encouragement and prayer. He then served them by washing their feet.

Jesus is amazing. Not only did He save the world, He lived a life that represented the life we are saved to: grace-filled, strong, loving, and impacting! Who is Jesus to me? He is all this and He is my savior, my friend, and the glory and the lifter of my head. He is my holy transformer!

// Ps Mark Kelsey