Who believes what we’ve heard and seen? Who would have thought God’s saving power would look like this?

// Isaiah 53:1 [MSG]

How do we finish out 92 days of a devotion to learning how to worship Jesus?  

I feel like after this ‘Summer of Worship’ my issue [and maybe it’s your issue as well] is not that I struggle to want to worship Jesus, but more that I want to worship Him so much and yet I don’t live up to the worship He truly deserves. So what are we to do?

The words I use to describe Jesus fall short. The songs I sing don’t fully capture everything I want to say to Him. The feelings I have don’t do justice to how I feel about Him. The actions I take don’t come close to what He has done. When we stop and meditate on His love and grace towards us, it’s difficult to know how to respond. How do I worship a God who died for me? How do I worship a God who gave me life in the first place? What do I say to you, Lord? What can I do for you, Jesus?

If we all take some time to receive His love, mercy, grace and faithfulness, I believe worship will not be an issue in our lives, but something that grows deeper and stronger in our lives. As we welcome the Holy Spirit into our lives to teach us to worship Jesus, we will discover how He wants us to live: that every breath would become worship, that every thought would begin to shift towards bringing Him glory.  

Gathering on Sundays and Wednesday nights is not difficult when we receive the Spirit of God, who is Love and draws us into community. It’s not difficult to lift our hands in adoration, it’s not difficult to honor His church and it’s not difficult to further the gospel with our giving when we realize He died for this Church. It’s not difficult to help the least of these when we see that’s what God did for us. It’s not difficult to speak up against injustice when we see that Jesus gave His life as ransom for ours. It’s not difficult.

What is difficult is surrendering to receive this amazing love – the Spirit of God – from whom a lifestyle of worship flows. It’s a daily surrender; it’s the “good fight of faith”, which we fight daily. We surrender our lives to the greatest Love, and this is why we need each other! We can’t surrender on our own; we actually learn to surrender in community and we learn to submit to the love of God by being in Church community. So may God give us, together, the grace to surrender to Him, despite the fear, the disappointments, the burdens, the excuses, the logical reasons, the temptations, the substitutes and the cheap imitations.  

May we not lower the value of our soul to anything less than the worship of Jesus Christ. May we struggle together to learn how to receive God’s love so that we can pour it out to all of New York City. May this ‘Summer of Worship’ called the TEMPLE PRØJECT be just a seed of what is to come for C3 Brooklyn, for our lives and for the many lives that are yet to be impacted by God’s love.  

Father, I pray this is just the beginning of what the worship of your son Jesus could look like in our lives individually, as a church and across NYC. That we would believe and have faith in what we have heard, read and seen in Jesus Christ through the TEMPLE PRØJECT.

We are all temples looking for someone to worship. May we say we have found who we are looking for.  

Name above all names – JESUS.

// Josh Kelsey