“Since God is one — who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith.”

// Romans 3:30

In thinking about becoming true worshipers, we have to apprehend something the Holy Spirit has done in our hearts: we are now circumcised in Christ. Yes, it is a rather stark illustration, this act of circumcision. But Paul was bold for a reason. There is a point he wants us to understand, a point that will reset the way we see our faith walk: God alone justifies us through the faith we have in Him — a faith He gifts to us.

To become Christ-like disciples, we need something that will cut away the carnality in our hearts — that stuff which causes us to stumble and drives us to put idols where the Lord should dwell. Faith in Christ does this work, circumcising our hearts and replacing carnality with a fresh sense of justification. When the Holy Spirit puts His finger on a part of our heart that still feels ‘fleshly,’ it represents a place where He intends to gift us with the faith we need to live by the Spirit — no longer justifying ourselves, but rather living as His justified children. Understanding this, every time the Spirit convicts us, every time we see our lack of faith, we can celebrate. Why? Because the Holy Spirit has another gift of faith to establish in that part of our hearts!

See, faith connects us to God and calls us back to true worship, where He becomes the one and only God in all parts of our hearts and lives. So when we feel convicted, let’s celebrate that we are about to receive more faith with which to believe! Let’s see ourselves becoming more Christ-like, our hearts circumcised and released into true worship!

// Samuel Nicolosi