“I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well.”

// 2 Timothy 1:5

Faith dwells in our hearts, at the center of our inner beings. In this passage, Paul recognized Timothy’s faith – confident that Timothy’s heart had become God’s dwelling place. This is significant because our hearts are the home and source of our motivations. Whatever is taking up space in our hearts influences our thoughts, attitudes, and ultimately, our actions. God had taken up residence in Timothy’s heart, and as a result his faith was his constant, his foundation for going out into the world to do the work God had set before him.

To dwell signifies that something stays; it lingers. Faith dwelling in us isn’t a fleeting emotion. Faith isn’t a visitor to our home; it does not come and go. Faith makes itself at home. Through faith we let God into our lives, inviting Him to dwell — to live richly and take up intimate residence — in our heart.

Allowing Christ be at home in our hearts is evidence of faith being active in us. But it’s not enough to simply allow Him into the neat and clean parts of our hearts and lives. For faith to truly “dwell” we have to invite Him into those dark corners, the cobwebs, and the areas that we have hidden from the world. Have we let him into the scary places, the not so clean rooms of our hearts, the ones that no one else knows of? This is a conscious choice for us — to let Him shine through the darkness or to keep these areas of our hearts dormant. We need to let Him into the parts we may not want to look at, so that He can take complete residence in our lives.

The result of our active faith, of Christ coming alive in us, is an overflow of praise in our lives. We have the utmost joy, hope, and thankfulness because our center, our core, is grounded in faith — because God Himself dwells in us.

// Grace Hazelgrove