“May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy.”

// Colossians 1:11

Our ability to persevere does not depend on our ability to expect what is coming. Perseverance isn’t about managing expectations, or meeting them, but our expectations should rest on Christ. When we carry the burden of expectation, it results in shrunken shoulders, cast-down eyes, and hopeless spirits. But perseverance rises in our life when our expectation rests on our Father’s faithfulness, His strength, His gentle hand.

When ascending the mountain of the Lord, many things will sneak up and try and deter us from running. In Colossians 1:11, Paul was praying that the church would have the strength to stick it out through the long haul, and that as they stepped into new knowledge of God and built His church, they would stand firm on His glorious might and overflow with joy – even through unexpected trails.

Just as Paul encouraged the Corinthians, God wants us to know that we are equipped to make the hike. We are strengthened by Him to endure, hold our course and continue onward through all obstacles, discouragement, lack of purpose and confusion. Paul isn’t calling the Corinthians into partial strength, partial endurance, partial patience; according to God’s glorious might, we will find all power to stand firm, all endurance for drawn-out battles, all patience for faith-filled prayers.

Regardless of how we feel, Christ has brought us into the kingdom of light and qualified us. Now, as God’s children, we have full access to the Father’s mighty power, and when our strength is waning or our joy has faded, we can look to the Father’s fullness and be filled to overflowing with endurance and joy. We are able to dance through hardship – not because we feel like it, but because the Lord’s strength is greater than our own. Let us not settle for anything less than the glorious might He has promised us!

// Janel Navran