“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for Kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

// 1 Timothy 2:1-4

Godliness is mirroring God and reflecting His likeness. Godliness is a large portion of our identity, as He has set us apart as His children. This is not something we have to strive for, but it is simply an aspect of Himself in us that He calls us to embrace, to step into.

As children of God we have the privilege of praying – of pouring out our hearts and moving His. There is power in our prayers and influence in our declarations. We are invited to speak the truth over our communities, our nations and our world. We have a role to play in bringing Heaven to earth. Our words and our prayers are weapons in the advancement of the Kingdom; we stand with Heaven and proclaim the hope, joy and wisdom that Heaven carries into our earthly realm. What an audacious honor.

‘Heaven to earth’ isn’t just a fleeting, empty phrase that sounds good in a worship song, or as just another Christian one-liner; it is a command, a mandate from our Papa God to bring His Kingdom, righteousness and godliness to earth. Our prayers are the power behind this reality. In the verse above Paul means business; there is no wrangling our way out of the absolute “all” in this verse. It is not just referring to praying for people we agree with, but all people and – more specifically – the leaders and rulers of today, our authorities. Not many of us have direct contact to those in earthly control and authority. However, as children of the Most High, we all have direct contact to Heaven, and therefore clout to influence the order of the day.

Furthermore, in Timothy, there are two components to Paul’s command – firstly to pray, and secondly to give thanks for these people. Not only is there power in prayer, there is also power in gratitude. Atmospheres shift when we are thankful!

How can we refuse this mandate from an irresistible God? Today, let us pray; pray with the authority we have been given. Our prayers are not timid whispers in the Kingdom, but rather boisterous shouts that shake Heaven and earth. Let us rise up as a people, booming with a roar of prayer and thankfulness.

// Kristy Timms