“Older men are to be sober-minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in steadfastness.”

// Titus 2:2

Sound in faith. Sound in love. Sound in steadfastness. Here Paul unpacks that which flows out of a man who is committed to the cause of Christ. During his ministry, Paul urged Christians to remain in the same place their hearts and souls occupied in the moment of conversion. Becoming a Christian did not release an individual from being socially, morally and ethically responsible, it activated a godly lifestyle – a relentless pursuit of His attributes. As a leader of the early church, Paul devoted his life to preaching the resurrected Christ. He wasn’t impressed by the uber-religious. He didn’t obsess over large crowds or fancy rhetoric. He gave his audience a look at the gift of the cross and never wavered from preaching sound doctrine. He refused to marginalize or “water down” the Good News to make it more appealing.

Paul was the blueprint – he set the precedent for what it truly means to live a life sound in faith, love and steadfastness. Christian ethics and morality emerge from Paul’s message in this verse, and as ambassadors of the Church today we shoulder the responsibility to live a life that serves the same mission – a life committed to promoting the goodness and faultless character of our Almighty God.

The Bible calls men to be the models of dignity, respectability and wisdom. But this does not repudiate the importance of powerhouse women in the church either. In fact, it does the opposite – the Body empowers all of its members, both men and women, to flourish. Paul firmly understood that without the presence of bold men and women in the church – men and women committed to passionately pursuing a godly lifestyle – Christianity would not impact the world.

I pray that we come to the revelation that godly living is exceedingly more precious, indefinitely more valuable and indescribably more pleasing than anything the world could ever give. Let’s be a church that is fervently and steadfastly pursuing the true and lasting fruit of faithfulness – the fullness of our God.

// Kyle Negrete