“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: 
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

// Romans 5:8

We often hear stories in the media of heroes risking their lives to save a friend or family member, or even those they have never met. The thought of someone dying for us is such a huge concept to grasp – what compels a person to make the ultimate sacrifice? It all goes back to love. Love prompts us to make sacrifices for the sake of those we hold dear.

What does it really mean for Christ to die for us, to forgive our sins, to set us free? His love is so lavish and so outrageously good that He sent Christ to die for us, to forgive our sins, to set us free. God loves us so much that He couldn’t bear the thought that our sins could make us feel separate from Him – so He paid the great price for the redemption of humanity, because He says we are worth the cost. Christ died of His own will, compelled by love for us.

But it's even more than that that, for it's not just the Son who loved us with His life, laid down. The Father and the Holy Spirit were “all in” with this kind of love we see at the Cross. All loved and adored us. Christ’s Cross evidences the kind of love it is. The Father and Spirit loved us just as much, for They were with Jesus at the Cross, loving us through Him. Each felt the cost of the sacrifice to redeem us.

Although we were once sinners, now through Christ’s death we are set free, justified, pardoned, renewed, sanctified and completely righteous. We can love Him with no constraints or fear, even when we having feelings of doubt. We can trust Him and all that has been done. We can embrace the overwhelmingly good love of the Father.

Are you willing to trust Christ's sacrifice, fully?

// Mike Lark