“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Could you imagine if the way we tell time changed everyday? 60 seconds today turns into the equivalent of 70 seconds tomorrow, and on the next day it becomes 45 seconds. The level of confusion, frustration and anxiety of everyone in the modern world would skyrocket. Change is good and necessary in many areas of life, but change in other areas is very dangerous.  Things feel reliable when they don’t change.

To have a ‘god’ that is always changing would be terribly troubling. Consider a god who changes with the times: depending on the culture of the day, he alters his morals and ethics to fit the moment so that everyone feels OK; a god who changes his mind about us based on our behavior or our performance; a god who blesses us based on a changing set of ideals that he does not disclose. Such a ‘god’ would be so worrying.

And yet we are constantly changing: our circumstances are constantly changing, our character is constantly changing, our emotions are up and down, our bodies are changing, our money is changing, our jobs are changing, our relationships are in a perpetual state of change. The list goes on and on, as we see how all the areas of our life are changing.

This scripture in Hebrews reveals that the God we serve, Jesus Christ, is different to all other gods, to all other ways of life. He hasn’t been shaped by the opinion or beliefs or doubts of man because He created man—indeed He created all things. He is not subject to the times we live in because He is not a new fad or trend or idea; no, but He is the creator of all things, He is capable of all things, and He doesn’t change for anyone.

We can live everyday in total assurance of our standing before God, of our relationship with Him, of our faith towards Him, not because of our actions but because of the unchanging nature of Jesus Christ. We need not be led by tickled emotions, the tyranny of our impending death, our self-centeredness, our pride, our successes or failures, our conditional love, our doubt, our fear, our stress, our shifting identity...and again, the list goes on. 

We will be digging into who Jesus is as He heads to the cross, which is His moment of greatest pressure. Even under that strain, He did not compromise and He did not change so that, today, we can stand strong in our faith. Because of how unchanging Jesus is, we can believe, serve and worship a God who is the same, yesterday, today and forever.